Gallery of Jobs Done Split Air Conditioners Installed in Various Locations

split air conditioner installation

Split System Air Conditioner Installed With Roof Mounted Outdoor

Samsung Split Air conditioner System With the Outdoor Motor Unit Mounted on Roof Using the Roof Brackets

split air conditioner

Split Air Conditioner Installed above a Window in Living Room

Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Installed in a Living Room

high wall split air conditioner

Pipe Covers with Wall Cap Installed Along the Wall To Cover The Hole

Pipe Covers To Cover the Copper Pipes, Condensation Water line, Electrical Cables From Indoor Split Air Conditioner to The Motor Outside.

air conditioning installation

Pipe Covers With an Elbow From Indoor To Outdoor Of A Split Air Conditioner

Pipe Covers With A 90 Degree Elbow to Reroute the Pipe To the Motor Sitting On The Balcony Right Below

split air conditioner installation

Outdoor Motor Of A Split Air Conditioner On The Balcony Floor

The Outdoor Motor Unit Of A Split Air Conditioner Securely Mounted with Bolts Not To Move From The Installed Positon on The Balcony Floor

fujitsu split air conditioner

Electricals Connected To The Power Point From The Motor In The Balcony

Power Supply Connected From The Power Point Inside the Apartment Using Mini Ducts To The Motore Outside