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Heat Pump vs Other Water Heating Methods:
Hot water heating can account for more than 30% of the domestic homes’ total energy usage, and is the single highest contributor to your annual electricity bills, using more energy than all of your other domestic appliances combined.
Our commitment to quality can be seen in our investment in research and development, and the establishment of our own world-class Australian manufacturing facility.

Heat Pump vs Other Heating Methods

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blacktown plumber Easy Installations – No Solar Roof Panels
hot water tanks Cuts up to 75% of running costs compared to Electric & LPG
   Gas Water Heating Systems.
hotwater plumber Highest hot water recovery rate in the heat pump market. This
   means that your customers won’t run out of hot water.
emergency hot water Excellent for use in poor water conditions.
hot water repair NO BOOSTER ELEMENTS – don’t need them! Quantum heat
   pumps can operate in ambient temperatures from a low of -10ºc!
hot water heatpump Over 30 years of ongoing product development means that
   Quantum continuously improves the energy efficiency of the heat
   pumps while at the same time reducing component,
   manufacturing and installation costs.

Why Should I install Quantum

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24/7 plumber High efficiency: Quantum has been selling heat pumps for over
   30 years. We have the best experience and the highest efficiency
   on the water heating market. Depending on which water heater is
   currently installed in your house, replacing it with a quantum
   system can save up to 75% of the current energy cost. The higher
   the ambient temperature, the higher the efficiency. On average
   the efficiency figures are 95% for gas, 100% for electric and
   around 350% for a heat pump.
emergency plumber Low running costs:* The graph on the left shows a comparison
   between the cost of the different water heating systems. As you
   can see, the Quantum heat pump has the lowest running cost,
   lower than solar (and with the advantage of running without sun),
   and much lower than LPG and Electric.

Rebates and Incentives

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hotwater system What are rebates? Rebates are government initiatives to help you
   achieve energy savings. We have a team of experts to help you
   claim the maximum rebate available in your area. Take the stress
   out of claiming your rebates by calling us today!
hotwater heatpump system It’s important you understand how your consuming energy and hot
   water in your home. Hot water can equate to more than 30% of
   your energy bills. With energy prices about to rise, find out how a
   quantum hot water system can start saving you money straight
   away on your next bill.
efficient hotwater Replacing your old electric water heater with a more efficient and
   sustainable hot water solution may save you money and help the
   planet too.
quantum hotwater Reduce your carbon emissions significantly by converting from an
   electric storage system to a heat pump system.