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Home Split Air Conditioner Installation

Residential Single Split Air conditioners and Multi Head Air conditioners

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Home Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

Ducted Air Conditioners for Single and Two-storey houses

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Shops and Light Commercial Air conditioner Installation

Split and Ducted Air conditioners for Shops and Commercial Buildings

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Hot water Heatpump Supply and Installation

Quantum Hot water Heat pump Installation for Homes and Apartments

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Home Split Air conditioners

Normally a site check is not necessary in making a decision on the size of the split system suitable for a closed room. But when it comes to a open plan living, kitchen, dining room area or a rumpus room it becomes a bit more complicated in deciding the right size air conditioner. This is where our friendly team members can arrange an obligation free site check done at your property to give you the best solutions. Site checks can be arranged in weekends as well.

Based on the site check report you can make a choice of the brand of the air con from our shop. The installation can be done on any day suitable to your convenience and availability. Normally a split air conditioner installation takes around 3 to 4 hours from start to finish. A bit longer for two storey buildings. Outdoor motors can be mounted on the ground, or on wall brackets. If on ground it needs a solid base (either concrete pavement built or we can supply cement slabs, plastic slabs etc.,) so that the motor does not move from it's place.

Home Ducted Air conditioners

A non-obligatory site check is essential for all ducted air conditioner installations. Upon site check we make sure whether you have single or three phase power at your switch board, Single or Two storey, How many rooms needs to be air conditioned, The property Aesthetics and the size of the air conditioner you need for all season comfort. We make sure that the air con you buy will not struggle to do the job in extreme scenarios.

You can come back to our Shop to make the choice of your brand of Ducted Systems Air conditioners. Normally it takes 1 to 1 1/2 days to finish the installation of Ducted Air conditioner system in any house. We leave the house neat and tidy after the installation is done. The installation can be arranged on a week end as well, if you are convenient.

Shops, Apartments and Light Commercial Air conditioner installations

When we talk about Shops, Apartments and Light Commercial Properties a site becomes mandatory, because strata rules will apply in all the three propery types. Sometimes, the strata needs photographic descriptions of how to motor is going to be installaed in the balcony and the routing of condensation water from the air conditioner to the Storm-water line system. Our site check technician will take photos and we draw the layout on the photos about the proposed positioning of the indoor and outdoor units and condensation water routing.

We email back the finished photos with our trade licences and insurance details to you. You can then forward that to the strata for approval. You can then choose your brand of the Air Conditioner and installation can be done during week days. Some stratas have strict rules about making noise during weekends. Clarify with your strata. Normally it takes a bit longer to install a Split System Air Conditioner in these types of Properties, because of the position of the property (which floor you are if it is an Apartment) and the parking restrictions in the Street.

Quantum Hot Water Heatpump

We are the Warranty Service Agents for Quantum Hot water Heatpumps in Sydney. We can Supply and Install Quantum Hot water systems at your property, uninstalling and taking away the non-working old hot water tank for free. Our Repair jobs done on Hot water systems carry a labour warranty of 6 months and if something goes wrong within that period and you do not get hotwater, then we come to your place to check what has gone wrong and you pay only for the parts, if we have to replace the parts. You do not have the pay the call-out fee for the second time.

When you Install a Quantum hot water heatpump, you get a government rebate of $1000.00 depending on the size of the new tank, you will be buying. Quantum Hot water Heatpumps are energy efficient and consume less power to produce hotwater compared to the conventional element water heaters. By using heatpumps to produce hot water you are saving your energy bills and also less carbon emission into the atmosphere. Please click here to have a look at your savings per annum.