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Quantum Hotwater Systems

The Quantum story is based on innovation and the quest to produce sustainable solutions in the energy market. The origins of the company go back to 1975, when extensive research work was undertaken by the University of Melbourne in the development of heat pump technology for the production of hot water. Quantum now provides Australia with solar power systems, hot water heaters, pool heaters as well as commercial and industrial building heaters.

Heatpump Models & Sizes

  • Domestic Hotwater Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Hotwater Heat Pumpn
  • Electric Storage Hot water Tanks
  • Gas Running Hotwater Heaters
Domestic Hotwater Heatpumps Quantum domestic hotwater heatpumps
Commercial Hotwater Heatpumps Quantum commercial hotwater heaters
Electric storage Hotwater Tanks electric hotwater heaters
Gas Hotwaer Heaters Quantum gas water heaters