Gallery of Jobs Done Split Air Conditioners Installed in Various Locations

split air conditioner installation

Split System Air Conditioner Installed Removing The Old One

Fujitsu Split Air conditioner System Installed In The Same Place Removing The Old Non-Working Unit Out

split air conditioner

Split Air Conditioner Installed Using The Same Good Pipe Cover

Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Installed Using The Same Good Looking Pipe Covers To Reduce the Installation Cost

high wall split air conditioner

Pipe Covers To The Outdoor Motor Unit Sitting on the Balcony Floor

Pipe Covers For Copper Pipes, Condensation Water line and Electrical Cables From Indoor Split Air Conditioner to The Outdoor in The Balcony

air conditioning installation

Main Isolation Switch Installed Near The Outdoor Motor For Emergency Stop

Isolation Switch Is Mandatory For Bigger Split Air Conditioners To Cut The Power Supply Off In Emergency Situations

split air conditioner installation

Outdoor Motor With Connected Pipes Of A Split Air Conditioner On The Balcony Floor

The Outdoor Motor Unit Of A Split Air Conditioner Securely Mounted with Bolts And Pipes And Electrics Connected

fujitsu split air conditioner

Overall View Of The Outdoor Motor Unit Mounted In The Balcony Of An Apartment

Outdoor Motor Unit Of A Split Air Conditioner Mounted In the Balcony Away From The Usable Area Of The Balcony